About the project

Bitbar offers flexible cloud solution for mobile app testing. With Bitbar you can test your mobile app against thousands of real Android and iOS devices.

When we started working with Bitbar we knew that this is a technical product in B2B sector. Since we enjoy working exactly this type of companies we immediately started testing with some of the strategies that have been working great for our other clients in this niche.

One of the biggest challenge for SaaS companies is high user churn. This is usually related with messaging and product market fit and something that marketing can’t fix. However, with advertising we can incentivise churned users return when we know they haven’t had their “magic moment” yet.

Bitbar already had a strong search presence, so we helped to find people more likely to convert into users via YouTube Ads and custom tailored audiences. In addition we used new Google beta functions, which we know from previous campaigns help to reduce ad delivery costs.

Through our Google Ads strategy we managed to reduce CPA (cost-per-acquisition) and bring more sign-ups consistently.

If you’d like to get more users for your SaaS company from Google, then get in touch with our marketing expert Johannes Kanter, johannes@wink.ee, +372 56487875

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