About the project

Nordmel is a small company producing and selling honey from local Estonian bees in the Viljandi region. Up until now, they were focused on their premium honey product, but the plan now was to start offering everyday honey. To not sell their honey as a gift product, but rather something the customers would dare to open and consume in whichever fashion they wanted.

While all the other honey products are packaged in plastic bucket-like containers or glass jars, Nordmel had the clear intention to offer a more everyday honey product. One that would no longer feel too exclusive to consume and hopefully reintroduce honey as a regular food product that is intended to be consumed at any time.

To create a contrast on the store shelves and separate Nordmel “valge” (white) from the others, the general aim of the design was obvious and set as a starting point. While most of the other
honey products focus on honeycomb or bee illustrations and patterns, Nordmel “valge” was taken towards a more old-fashioned direction. To focus on the purity of the honey itself, the package is
mainly monochromatic, with focus on white background, supported by custom-made illustrations of both the beehive the honey is collected from and of the beekeepers themselves.





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