SEO (search engine optimization) covers mainly three important fields. Firstly, a website must be in accordance to best practices of usability, security and user friendliness. Secondly, it’s important to have versatile and valuable content on your website. Ideally, web content should consist of texts, photos and videos. This increases the time visitors spend on website, which is one of the key factors, modern search engines look for.

Thirdly, it’s important to have other websites linking your content (aka. backlinks). In general the more backlinks you have the more valuable your website is seen by search engines. Rule of thumb is that quality matters over quantity. This has been the case from the beginning of Google and other modern search engines and most likely will stay like this in the near future.

We are digital marketing agency from Estonia called WINK. We help companies in different sizes to grow with the use of digital channels. In addition to SEO services, we do websites, run PPC campaigns and create design and branding.

What is Included in The Search Engine Optimization Service?

Keyword Research

SEO process usually starts with a keyword research. This is where our team goes through the data to find and analyse different keywords. We will search the best keywords and always try to find “low hanging apples” for your business. We analyse competition, search volume, social signals and also commercial intent.

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Technical SEO

Our team will have a look at your website code and see what can be improved immediately for better SEO results. Often we see some small technical errors which hinder the website’s potential to rank in search engines. Additionally, we will make sure that the website is secure and user-friendly. In case of a need we will install the SSL certificate to your site.

Content Creation

Content can be produced once the keyword analysis is done. We will usually develop a road-map for creating multiple keyword optimized landing pages. We love writing and producing content. We write content that is fun, researched and optimized for the best SEO results.

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Link Building

The more links you have pointing at your website, the more successful you’ll be be in SEO. We will do manual reach-out and build guest posting opportunities for your business. Additionally, we post articles to hand-picked directories that have high domain authority.

Video SEO

Video is one of the best Mediums. Experts forcast that 80% of all internet traffic will be video by 2020. Video content is also good for SEO. Firstly, it’s easier to rank on YouTube (2nd biggest search engine) than in Google. Secondly, having a video on your website significantly increases the time spent on website.

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Social Media

Modern search engines take social signals as indicators for ranking websites. So it’s important to have a presence on social media sites with your brand to improve your rankings on Google and other search engines. Social media isn’t only useful for SEO, it should play a vital role in your marketing mix anyhow.

In addition to our typical SEO process we offer one-time SEO audit (in video). We see this being useful for companies, who already have employed a digital marketing or SEO expert. It’s also suitable, if you want to get a “fresh” eye on your current SEO partner work.

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