About the Project

Robotex started in 2001 as a competition for university students to challenge each other in the field of robotics. Throughout the years, the event has grown bigger and more diverse. In 2017, Robotex was ready to become international, with official competitions being also organized in Cyprus and China in 2019.

A new brand image was needed to support the ambitious international goals and better portray Robotex as a major technology event. Robotex was given a new identity by leaving behind the outdated references to metal and use of angular lines, that some people still tend to associate with robotics. A more futuristic approach of human-friendly robots, with smooth and elegant lines, was chosen to represent the forward-thinking and innovative format of Robotex.

The brand is accompanied by “robit”, the official character of Robotex, that adapts and reacts to various events and purposes.

In addition to a complete brand overhaul, we created the 2017 and 2018/2019 website, along with all the print materials – from the event magazine, to on-site signage, team and merchandise clothing. To ensure the event reached international audiences, we managed the digital marketing campaigns across Estonia and all over Europe using Facebook as the main promotional channel.



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