We are the digital agency WINK and we help companies of different sizes to grow through digital channels. In addition to the Social Media Management service, we offer web solutions, brand design, helping bring more customers to your website from search engine optimization (SEO) and also with Google Ads.

Social media has become one of the strongest marketing tools today that helps companies grow brand awareness, interact with users and, of course, increase sales numbers. All these skillful actions helps to accomplish all of these goals. As a result, we have focused on the following services in the field of social media.

What does social media management consist of?

Your company's social media strategy

Social media strategy is the basis of everything we can use to map the necessary channels, activities and everything else that belongs to it in order to reach the desired consumers and goals. When compiling the strategy, we evaluate the company’s field of work, find the right social media channels, map the volumes, tone and goals of the posts.

Management of social media channels

Content management is the main activity that shows customers the company’s daily activities and gives them the opportunity to connect with it. It must be a well-thought-out and consistent process, which must be done consciously. In this regard, we offer a full content management service, which includes developing content, creating working creative solutions, posting them to the right channels and finally measuring the results.

Social media campaigns

Sometimes social media content management cannot be bought in from agencies, but with larger campaigns needs up-to-date solutions and help creating them. If this situation is familiar, we can help! We can create an awesome campaign together, set measurable goals and implement it in the right channels

Social media consultations and trainings

Is it not possible or for some other reason not possible to outsource social media management in your field of activity, but you want to be sure of your activities and strategy? If so, we also offer one-time trainings and various consultations, where we help you create and coordinate social media activities. Only in this way can you be sure that your activities are properly coordinated and effectively visible to the target group.

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