About the Project

Karla Auto offers high quality car services. Their main focus is on diesel engine cars. Some of the services they offer chassis repairs, common rail injector repairs, engine diagnostics, fuel injector repair and replacement, high-pressure injection pump repairs, oil changevehicle maintenance.

Setting up a digital marketing strategy for Karla Auto was exciting and challenging as we didn’t have experience working with car workshop before. We set a goal to get 4x more leads from the website and spend no more than 10 € per lead. With first month, we were able to achieve this and today we have out-performed this goal by 2-3 times.

In first stage of the project a new website was developed, to reflect the company’s professionalism and competence in the field. We built the new design on top of the existing structure to maintain the URLs as we saw good results with organic rankings already. The focus of the new website was to generate leads and build trust.

In the second stage, Google Ads search campaigns were set up. We focused on keywords that had the least competition and still enough search volume to start getting good amount of leads. This strategy was chosen to keep the initial costs low and start getting good returns immediately.

Karla Auto

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