Google Ads (also known as Google Adwords) is Google advertising platform which allows us run advertisements on Google Search Engine, Google Display Network (GDN), in Google Mail and on YouTube.

Usually only search ads are referenced when talked about Google advertising. This is definitely one of the most popular ways to drive leads and sales. When we run advertisements on banners then we target people based on their interests, demography and other behavioral patterns.

The search ads are however different. We are targeting people based on their intent – someone is looking for a certain product or service.

We are digital marketing agency WINK and we help different size businesses to grow using digital channels. In addition to Google Ads campaigns we do offer website development, branding services and SEO full solutions.

What’s our process in managing Google Ads?

Keyword Research

This is the first thing that we do. We search for keywords that your customers are searching for and where we see we can easily beat the competition. Everyone can setup Google Ad campaigns. We do it in a strategic way so it drives real business results.


Taken in account the keyword research we develop a strategy. This is a plan how to start implementing different campaigns and messages to warm up your future customers and then convert them into sales.

Ad Copy & Creatives

This is as important as the strategy itself. If the ad copy and design of the ads is not appealing, your future customers are not going to be excited to interact with your brand. Our approach is to test everything and that’s why we always launch multiple ads to A/B test them. This helps us bring down the cost long terms and run ads more profitably.

Landing page optimization

We also review your landing page(s) and check if the meet the standards and give a good user experience to your potential customers. We recommend keeping one landing page to one specific goal and not to drive traffic to your home page. This is how you double or triple your conversion rate and bring down the marketing costs significantly.

YouTube Advertising

YouTube is one property within Google’s network. It is actually the second largest search engine and as more and more content moves to video it has become one of the most important channels to run meaningful online marketing campaigns. We help to create videos and run them efficiently.


Google Mail (Gmail) Advertising

With in Google’s network we can also target Gmail users. We’ve seen this working extremely well with 45+ audiences and since this placement is so under utilized by other advertisers we’re constantly getting very good results in terms ROI from Gmail.

Google Play Store Advertising

In addition to YouTube and Gmail we can also target people on Google Play Store. If your company has an app then this placement is a must.


What sort of results can you expect from Google Ads?

Google Advertisement performance is strongly related with your landing page, competition and also search volumes (if we’re talking about search ads).

If those aspects are favorable for your business you can expect very good results from Google. If the competition has significantly better landing page experience than you do, then improving your website is the first thing to fix.

Otherwise you’ll be spending more money on getting the results you want.

With search ads you are able to get a lot of leads and sales quickly.

This is appropriate for businesses who are either just starting out or who are not getting a lot of clients organically.

When you run advertisements on Google you only pay for the results. The most common model is CPC (cost per click) where you only pay if someone got interested in the ad and clicked on it.

So for example if you have a budget of 500 € and one click costs 1 € then you’ll be getting 500 people to your website with that budget.

If that’s a simple lead collection page then you can expect somewhere around 10% conversion rate which means out of those 500 clicks you get 50 leads.

If paying 500 € and getting 50 leads in return makes sense for your business then this channel is definitely for you.

What’s included in the Google Ads management?

– Campaign strategy

– Ad copy and design

– Ad optimization (A/B tests)

– Monthly or weekly reporting

We have 2 project manager and 3 Google Ads specialists at your command. Our specialists have passed Google Ads exams and our agency is Google Partner.

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