Want to grow your business on one of the most advanced EU countries – Estonia?

Estonia has over 1.3 million residents and over 30,000 e-residents. If you haven’t already send your application and become an e-resident.

We love novel and innovative products, we appreciate good and organic food and are as cultural as you could imagine a small country to be.

Even though the average household net income is notable lower than our Nordic neighbors, we don’t hold back when presented with good quality products and services.

Export to Estonia

Photo by: Magnus Heinmets

We are WINK – a digital marketing agency that founded in 2015 by three friends, experts in their own fields. As an agency we provide digital marketing services that help our clients maximize their online presence and increase the business profitability. This is achieved by funneling the marketing budget on things that bring in the most revenue and support the company’s long-term vision.

We know how to combine great design, development and marketing to achieve solutions that bring outstanding results.



Our services include:

  • social media campaign management;
  • search engine optimization (SEO);
  • Google ads management (and yes we’re Google partners);
  • website and e-commerce store creation;
  • custom development and management (PHP and Laravel);
  • branding;
  • content marketing and creation;
  • conversion rate optimization (CRO);
  • creating digital marketing strategies.



We have worked with start-ups, small businesses and large organizations. We don’t limit ourselves to only one niche or size of the company as most agencies do. Instead, we are interested in working together with different companies and organizations with different backgrounds.

We’re especially interested in working with clients from Latvia, Lithuania, Finland and other close neighbors to Estonia.

It is our clients’ ambition that drives and inspires us. We are confident in our skills to provide the best marketing, design and development solutions.

Learn more about doing business in Estonia.

Holger Mets

Design, Management

Johannes Kanter

Marketing, Management

Ants Liivat

Development, Management

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